Facilities Management Services

Maloney Properties, Inc. (MPI) delivers highly customized professional maintenance services to fit the diverse needs of our many communities. We manage over 8,500 units of housing in Boston and across New England. Our proactive, hands-on approach to facilities management has been the secret to our success for over 30 years.

MPI’s dedicated Facilities Management Team provides an exceptional level of expertise and operational support to clients, regional managers, and staff. Under the direction of Michael Frazier, Partner and Director of Facilities, our team customizes site-specific maintenance programs for each building we manage.

Preventative Maintenance

Our emphasis on preventative maintenance saves time and money, and it keeps facilities running efficiently. MPI’s web-based system keeps fully customized maintenance programs on track with detailed scheduling, workload analysis, and reporting. Proactive, professional, and accountable – it is a proven approach to facilities management.

Healthy and Sustainable Communities

MPI is committed to the health and well-being of our communities. Our Environmental Impact Policy details a comprehensive approach, which includes the use of green products, integrated pest management (IPM), reduced water and chemical use, and energy conservation.

Energy Conservation

Conserving energy is the best way for a building to reduce its environmental impact, and reduced energy use results in lower operational costs. A healthier planet and a healthier bottom line. It’s a win-win, and MPI has the tools and expertise to make it happen.

Professional Staff Training

Our industry leading professional trainings give MPI staff the tools they need to do their jobs well – ensuring safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Topics include general skills as well as highly relevant site-specific trainings for each building we manage.

Purchasing Power

MPI leverages it’s strong buying power to help clients secure vital goods and services at highly competitive rates.