Relocation Services

Maloney Properties, Inc. (MPI) provides the service, knowledge and expertise required to develop and execute successful large-scale, multi–phase relocation programs that are both efficient and cost-effective.

The key to successful relocation programs is close collaboration with the owner, resident boards, and committees. Therefore, throughout the relocation process, Maloney Properties remains committed to guiding and advising clients with an emphasis on partnership, collaboration and communication. This approach guarantees that a well-conceived program with minimal impact on the resident population will be implemented.

Successful Relocation Projects:

  • Newport Heights, Newport, RI
  • Orchard Gardens Estates, Roxbury, MA
  • Presidential Gardens, Bradford, MA
  • North Canal Apartments, Lowell, MA
  • Lakeview Manor, Weymouth, MA
  • Ceylon Field Apartments, Dorchester, MA
  • Columbia Road Properties, Dorchester, MA
  • ROXSE Homes, Roxbury, MA
  • Brighton Allston Apartments, Brighton, MA
  • Wilder Gardens Apartments, Dorchester, MA
  • Madison Park IV, Roxbury, MA
  • Uphams Corner Apartments, Dorchester, MA