Debbie Piltch, Esq.

Debbie Piltch, Esq. / Vice President, Compliance

Ms. Piltch oversees all compliance and regulatory matters for Maloney Properties, Inc. and serves as Chairperson of the Employee Training and Professional Development Committee.

Ms. Piltch joined our senior staff in 2002 and is responsible to continually update and revise our in-house regulatory compliance and fair housing protocols and to disseminate critical updates via live- and webinar-based trainings to all on-site and senior staff. Ms. Piltch also supervises the Compliance Department staff, who work closely with State Monitoring Agencies during site audits. Ms. Piltch is the Maloney Properties, Inc. “go to” person for all compliance-related matters.

Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Piltch operated her own consulting business that provided technical assistance and training to government and private entities on their rights and responsibilities in relation to civil rights and housing laws. She has a national reputation in the field of housing and disability discrimination law, as well as HUD Occupancy and LIHTC compliance, and is consistently sought after as a consultant by housing organizations and other management companies.

Ms. Piltch has worked extensively with the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA). She co-authored that organization’s training program on occupancy issues, and serves as a trainer for its members on this course, as well as its courses on Fair Housing. Ms. Piltch formerly chaired NAHMA’s Education and Training Committee and currently serves as an Executive Member of NAHMA.. In addition, she was awarded NAHMA’s honorary National Affordable Housing Professional designation and has received other distinguished awards by this organization. Ms. Piltch has also received Spectrum Enterprise’s Lifetime Achievement award for her contributions to the housing industry.

Ms. Piltch is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association.