Kathy Luce

Kathy Tyrrell Luce / Executive Vice President

Kathy Tyrrell Luce has been a member of the Maloney team since 1983. Today, she oversees the management of a large portfolio of mixed-income housing communities across Massachusetts and Vermont. Many properties in her portfolio are resident owned or have strong resident participation in a non-profit ownership structure. In addition, Ms. Luce serves on our Board of Directors.

As the director of Maloney’s Vermont office since 1989, Ms. Luce is widely respected for her work overseeing the management of many large, complex and challenging properties. She has worked extensively as a consultant to nonprofit housing organizations and resident ownership groups to evaluate and improve their in-house property management operations, helping to restructure and redevelop existing properties, and developing strategies to streamline and simplify complex funding and ownership structures.

Ms. Luce also acts as consultant and in-house expert for Regional Property Managers within the company in a variety of ways, including quality assurance, site operations, start-up support for new properties, training for resident and community Boards, resident relations, organizational assistance, and development strategies.

Ms. Luce volunteers her time at a number of professional and nonprofit organizations. She was the President of the Vermont Housing Manager’s Association (VHMA) for 7 years, served on the Board of the Burlington Vermont Community Land Trust (BCLT) for 6 years, is a current member of Champlain Housing Trust Board (formerly BCLT) and its Property Management Committee and the Community Relations Committee , is a former Vice President and current Board Member of the New England Resident Services Coordinators (NERSC), and served on the Board of the Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation for 6 years.