On April 8, 2010 Bethany Hill School celebrated its 16th Anniversary. To mark this special occasion the Bethany Hill School Board of Trustees hosted a celebration at The Atrium at Regis College and honored Janet Frazier, President of Maloney Properties, Inc.

Janet was recognized for her commitment and dedication to providing decent, safe and affordable housing to residents in over 8,000 units of housing in Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

Since its inception, Janet has been a strong advocate for Bethany Hill School – always looking for solutions, never avoiding the difficult questions or situations that are part of the housing industry, and continuously seeking to provide the best options and life opportunities for the residents who call Bethany Hill “Home”. In the recent past, Maloney Properties provided a $25,000 scholarship program for residents living in properties managed by Maloney Properties; four residents of Bethany Hill were the proud recipients of that scholarship!

Larry Fitzpatrick, a resident at Bethany Hill and recipient of the MPI scholarship described how living at Bethany Hill School has been a positive life changing experience and attributes that in part to Maloney Properties, Inc. and its philanthropic approach to property management. Congratulation to the Team at Bethany Hill!

Congratulations, Janet!