On June 5, 2018, Maloney Properties, Inc. (MPI) was honored as the first property management company to receive the Excellence in Affordable Housing Award from the Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation (MHIC).

Photo: MPI CEO Janet Frazier with MHIC leadership.

Rusty Aertsen, Melissa Sheeler, Janet Frazier, and Joe Flatley.

Maloney Properties’ commitment to quality, diversity and humanity has been unwavering over the last 37 years.  Maloney Properties prides itself on its inclusive company culture which extends into the greater community. The company believes in performing with the highest possible standards of excellence and never sacrificing quality.  

Photo: MPI CEO Janet Frazier receives award. “My colleagues and I have been working with Maloney Properties for many years and we agree that across the board, they just get it right.  They all go the extra mile, every day, no matter the situation from working with owners and developers, to financial reporting, to managing day to day operations, to administrative and resident services and last – but never least – the unsung heroes of the maintenance department…one of Maloney Properties’ core values is a commitment to community and they walk the walk.”
– Melissa Sheeler, Deputy Director of Asset Management, Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation (MHIC)

The team at Maloney Properties is what makes the company so unique and steadfast.  The talent, dedication and quality of the staff at Maloney Properties is top of the line.  Each of the 400+ employees at Maloney Properties remains engaged, hardworking and committed to achieving their personal best each day.  This extends into Maloney Properties’ relationships with residents, clients, developers and contractors allowing Maloney Properties to create effective and quality partnerships.  These partnerships nurture Maloney Properties’ goal to continue to strengthen communities and maximize results.

Maloney Properties, Inc., is delighted and honored to receive the Excellence in Affordable Housing Award from MHIC and will continue its mission and vision to remain a premier property management company with a human focus operating to the highest standards.

MHIC is a leading private investor and lender specializing in financing affordable housing and community development throughout New England.  Learn more at www.mhic.com.