Our Statement on Attacks in Israel

October 12, 2023 — Maloney Properties has always remained a company with a human focus – committed to kindness and equitable treatment for all. We stand in support of those around the world who suffer through acts of terrorism and violence. The attack on Israel this past weekend was one of unimaginable horror. The subsequent war, which has escalated between Israel and Palestine, will undoubtedly cause further harm and distress with more innocent lives lost on both sides. As we see with all acts of violence and political unrest, these actions have caused a wave of fear, anger, and uncertainty throughout the world.

Our thoughts are with all who have been affected – including those in our workforce and in the communities we serve. We understand that many may be reeling from the shock and trauma.  At Maloney, we lead with compassion, and we are here to support our colleagues and communities.  

As we move forward, we encourage others in our industry to support or volunteer with local and/or global organizations as many mobilize to help send aid to those in crisis as a result of the attacks and subsequent war. It is important that we come together to support each other with grace and understanding as we navigate this uncertain time. Together, we make a world of difference for those in need.