Maloney’s Sustainability Initiatives Reduce Energy Costs by $3.7M

Sustainable efficient building systems

Maloney Properties implements innovative sustainability initiatives to save energy and other resources at our communities across New England. It’s good for the environment, and it’s good for bottom lines.

Since 2010, we’ve saved our properties over $3.7 million in energy costs while obtaining over $8 million from MassSave’s LEAN Program to fund systems upgrades and other building improvements. Additionally, Maloney works with several other programs to leverage thermal and photovoltaic solar power to reduce energy costs at many sites even more.

How do we keep track of all these savings? Maloney utilizes an industry leading toolkit to monitor and benchmark utility usage across our communities. In a recent review, we compiled the data from 2010-2018. Take a look at these numbers!

  • Total Kwh Saved from Electrical Upgrades: 9,472,791
  • Total Dollars Saved from Electrical Upgrades (based on current rates): $1,875,830
  • Total Therms Saved from Heating and Weatherization Upgrades: 1,710,630
  • Total Dollars Saved from Heating and Weatherization Upgrades: $1,912,291
  • Total Tons of Carbon Saved (Heating, Weatherization and Electric Upgrades): 17,382

Maloney’s innovative approach is reducing carbon footprints across New England, and it’s saving millions in operational costs. That’s a win-win for clients and communities, and that’s something Maloney is very proud to deliver. Learn more about our Facilities Management Division.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to all the agencies, programs, vendors and staff whose cooperation made this possible. We’re looking forward to another decade of innovation in facilities management and sustainability.

Highly efficient boiler system installation

Recent projects include installations of highly efficient LEAN boilers, HRVs (heat-recovery ventilators) and ERVs (energy-recovery ventilators). These systems reduce building’s energy use, costs, and environmental impact.