Resident Services

Improving the quality of life in the communities we serve is a fundamental goal. MPI Resident Services, Inc. designs and implements industry leading resident services to achieve this goal. Several of our properties have been recognized, both regionally and nationally, for outstanding service in providing supportive housing programs. Resident services professionals are a fundamental part of our management team, and we often work with resident services professionals employed by property owners and other agencies.

Leadership and Team

Jennifer Kadilak, Director of Resident Services, has proven successful in procuring and supporting resident services through a variety of channels, among them MPI employees, property owners, and other service agencies. To implement these services, Ms. Kadilak oversees onsite Resident Service Coordinators, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers, and student social interns– all who utilize a web-based network exchange of questions and resources to optimize communication.

Partnerships and Collaborations

In adherence to the goal of improving residents’ quality of life through empowerment, learning and collaboration, MPI Resident Services, Inc. remains actively involved with: