Maloney Named Top Place to Work in 2019 by The Boston Globe

Team Maloney celebrates

Boston Globe Top Places To Work 2019

Maloney Properties is excited to share that we have been named a Top Place to Work for the fifth time by The Boston Globe. It is an honor to be listed alongside companies that we admire, and an even greater honor to know that the reason we are there is because of our employees’ opinions. 
Thank you Team Maloney!

“Maloney Properties is a Top Place to Work because we value and appreciate our employees.  We have created a community within our company, and we know our employees are our greatest asset.  We stand for respecting and caring for people from all walks of life.  Thank you to our employees for always exemplifying these values.  We are proud of the work we do, and none of it would be possible if not for our phenomenal team.”
—Janet Frazier, President | CEO

The Boston Globe’s 12th Annual Top Places to Work survey measures employee opinions about their company’s direction, execution, connection, management, work, pay and benefits, and engagement. Maloney Properties has always put people first, and we know that great employees are the key to our success.  That is why we work hard to foster a workplace environment that is supportive, diverse, inclusive and empowering.
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From Our Employees

The survey is confidential, so these quotes are anonymous, but they all came from Team Maloney. Check out what they have to say!

“[Maloney Properties] is a great place to work because there is support for employees and an appreciation for the work that is being done.  The flexibility and benefits that Maloney offers their employees reflect their appreciation for their personnel and set them above their competitors.  Maloney has high standards and is a top leader in the industry because of their values and ability to understand people on an individual level.  I truly appreciate being a part of such an exceptional team.”

“The company is very organized and responsive. I have only been here a short period and feel right at home.”

“I have an opportunity to work hard, show results and be appreciated, which is truly rewarding to me.  The culture has always been, and remains, supportive and gratifying.”

“I feel valued, appreciated, respected and that what I do is important.”

“Maloney is synonymous with opportunity for all.  If you can or want to do the job, Maloney will support you, train you and mentor you until you achieve your goals.”