Lynn Delidow, Vice President and Regional Manager

Lynn Delidow, Vice President and Regional Manager at Maloney Properties, shares her thoughts about the importance of creating opportunities to share and exchange ideas in building a top tier property management team.

Managing people and managing teams can present amazing challenges, but when you create a team that produces incredible work and exudes confidence, everyone shares in the reward.  A top tier team is built when everybody talks.  All team members need to be given opportunities to share with each other formally and informally about issues, solutions, what works, what doesn’t and present new ideas.  Asking people for their thoughts is always flattering, it shows you care what they think, and that you are willing to act on their ideas.

Property management teams overlap in so many areas so it is easy to create opportunities to share.  For example, all staff have contact with residents, maintenance and administrative staff perform inspections together, both maintenance and admin staff walk the property with compliance teams and lenders.   All of these situations can be used to talk.  Having different disciplines bring their views to the discussion and can generate new and innovative ideas.

When a new idea works it is important to celebrate it, acknowledge the author, and ……talk about it!