Jennifer Kadilak

By Jennifer Kadilak, Director of Resident Services

From a Resident Services perspective, it is critical that we design and implement resident services to consider the multi-dimensional needs of the individual and larger community including the physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and social realms. Resident Services must be customized to serve the needs of the specific individuals and the resident community within the context of the larger neighborhood. Though there are many important issues to address on a day to day basis in property management, one of the most critical is to determine how to best meet the needs of our residents. In order to do this we must consider several key actions that contribute to a resident centered model.

Each resident has a unique story that creates the rich and diverse communities that we have the privilege of working in.  First, we must invest time in getting to know the folks in our communities and learning their stories. We must listen and observe what is valued and important to the individual and community as a whole, and we must honor the choices that each individual makes, regardless of our personal beliefs.   Another crucial component of a resident centered model is encouraging residents to use their voice and empower themselves to grow and make changes on their own behalf. Part of our role is to support community engagement, as the more invested residents become in their community, the more they will take ownership and insure that it is well cared for and that the values of that community are passed from generation to generation.  Finally, we must be sure to meet each person where they are, respecting their right to self- determination and insuring that we assist them in understanding the choices that are before them. In doing so, we are respecting the greatness that lies within each of us and capturing the collective power that is the larger community.