With this month’s unveiling of Lowell’s newest, coolest public art space, Maloney Properties, Inc. (MPI) would like to acknowledge Doria Sylvester, Senior Property Manager for the Lowell portfolio, Martha Molinary, Property Manager, and John Williams, Superintendent.  Ms. Sylvester’s hard work and excellent team leadership has played an important role in helping to transform Decatur Way from a forgotten, overgrown alley into a great public art walk and greenspace.

On June 2, 2016, The City of Lowell, ACTION, and UMass Lowell unveiled Decatur Way: Water, Art, and You. It is a public art walk featuring: murals, paintings, poetry, arbors for climbing vines, and a focus on water conservation and sustainability. Porous concrete and rain barrels help to conserve and protect water, and there are even special artworks that only appear when it rains!

Working closely with the Coalition for a Better Acre, MPI’s Doria Sylvester and other Lowell staff have been very active in the community, attending local meetings, and working to make this project a success at each step of the way. MPI’s participation has even been recognized in a permanent sign that sits at the beginning of the new art walk.

See some great photos at LowellSun.com, and check out a short video in the UMass Lowell press release.

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