Maloney Properties, Inc. (MPI) is so proud of this shining example of the extraordinary things that our staff do every day to improve the lives of our residents.

In February, James, a lifelong resident of Charlesbank Apartments in Boston, passed away suddenly. Shortly after James passed, his wife Tobi came into the management office distraught  because she had accidentally thrown away her late husband’s address book. The address book was very special to Tobi, not only because it contained important contact information, but also because it was a treasured possession of her late husband’s in which he meticulously kept track of their family and friends.

After listening to Tobi’s predicament, Danielle D’Amico (Property Manager) and Robert Lamonica (Superintendent) decided that they had no choice but to help Tobi find the book. Together they were able to determine when the book was thrown out and which compactor bag it would likely have ended up in. Danielle and Robert sorted through trash until they found the address book! Tobi was elated and filled with gratitude for the time and effort that Danielle and Robert had shown to her.

MPI is so proud of our dedicated staff at Charlesbank Apartments for this incredible act of kindness that goes above and beyond!