Diverse faces, candle.

Our Statement on the Mass Shooting in Buffalo

May 17, 2022 — Maloney leadership and staff received the news of the racially motivated mass shooting in Buffalo with shock and outrage. To witness yet another act of senseless violence of this magnitude is shocking on its own, but the hate at the core of this episode carries an added weight that cannot be ignored.

Ten people were killed and another three injured in an act of senseless violence fueled by racism. Countless lives have been impacted directly, and for those left standing in sorrow, our hearts go out to them.

We cannot become desensitized to these callous and hateful acts that erode the very fabric of our communities. All people deserve to live free of the fear of violence, and for this reason we must always stand strong against racism and prejudice in all its ugly forms.

We make this statement today in an effort to ensure that all of Maloney’s staff, clients, residents and community members understand our strong and determined commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We are proud to celebrate our differences in the knowledge that diversity makes us stronger, brighter and more resilient. We will always stand against racism as we work to build vibrant, successful communities for all.