Maloney Properties, Inc. (MPI) offers sustainable management programs that go far beyond the core concept of conservation. We adhere to an extensive environmental policy that includes sustainable building practices, use of eco-conscious supplies, mandatory recycling programs and resident awareness initiatives.

MPI has also developed a sophisticated, cross-portfolio utility analysis system to significantly save the resources of both our clients and the planet.

MPI is experienced in arranging financing for energy conservation and clean energy initiatives. The company has made use of The Energy Loan Program of the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency and has pioneered a new program with the Citizen’s Conservation Corporation that combines the economic incentives of an attractive financing package for owners with cash rebates to those residents who cooperate by conserving energy usage.

Core Sustainability Strengths

  • Capital Improvement Program Development
  • Finance Sourcing and Grant Submissions
  • Energy Consumption Analysis and Reports
  • ROI Analysis of Conservation Initiatives
  • Management of System Installations (Solar, Geo-Thermal)
  • Qualified Sustainable Materials Lists
  • Post-Installation System Assessments
  • Conservation and Eco-Technical Training

Leadership and Team

In collaboration with the Sustainability Committee of MPI, Michael Frazier, Partner and Director of Facilities, leads the Sustainability Team to continuously enhance the conservation tools and awareness trainings applied by all MPI staff. Property managers and maintenance personnel alike receive extensive eco-management training and wherever possible seek certifications in these areas to ensure the maintain the highest level of knowledge and competence in making our properties environmentally friendly.

Additionally, our managers utilize the most sophisticated utility tracking software which draws use and rate data directly from utility provider websites for instant notification of variances in use and costs. Utilizing this software we are able to identify and target the most cost effective and impactful strategies and improvements.