Maloney Named a 2021 Top Place to Work by The Boston Globe

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We at Maloney Properties are thrilled to share the news that we have been named a Top Place to Work for the seventh time by The Boston Globe. It is an honor to be named especially because this is based upon feedback from our employees directly (and anonymously) to The Boston Globe.

We are so grateful for our employees and their honest and thoughtful feedback, which helps us make more informed decisions to support our team, grow our company and continue creating happy homes and thriving communities. Thank you Team Maloney!

“Maloney Properties is a Top Place to Work because Team Maloney is THE BEST! As we come to a close on another challenging year, thank you for being so fiercely dedicated and always serving our communities with compassion and respect. We are proud of the work we do, and none of it would be possible if not for you”
—Janet Frazier, President | CEO

The Boston Globe’s 14th Annual Top Places to Work survey measures employee opinions about their company’s direction, execution, connection, management, work, pay and benefits, and engagement. Maloney Properties has always put people first, and we know that great employees are the key to our success.  That is why we work hard to foster a workplace environment that is supportive, diverse, inclusive and empowering.
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From Our Employees

The survey is confidential, so these quotes are anonymous, but they all came from Team Maloney. Check out what they have to say!

“My thoughts and words are valued, and I am told so. It is a very professional organization with a true heart. Many places say they value their employees or that they are its greatest asset, but Maloney not only says it, they prove it in their actions and decisions.”

“I work with the best people in our industry who care about residents and each other.”

“I feel like I am part of a team that is truly focused and dedicated to creating the best living environment for our residents.”

“This company has always been guided by diversity & inclusiveness from the top down. The leaders are sincere people who easily engage with employees. They don’t just say it – they walk the walk.”

“We are able to honestly offer our opinions as they are valuable tools to the development of the company as a whole.”

“During the pandemic, Maloney made sure that staff had everything they needed to do a really good job while working remotely and not pressuring team members to come into the office until it was extremely safe to do so. To me this exhibited that I was valued.”

“Maloney Properties motivates me to want to be a productive team player and they provide me with the tools needed to succeed in my job.”

“The company’s social missions make me feel great about the work we do. Maloney provides great services even in the toughest circumstances, and Maloney’s inclusive – we embrace diversity. It’s just a great place to work.”